Privacy Policy

Biblish is hard at work earning its place in your literary life by building products that are useful. We are not in the business of tracking you in order to sell you ads. We collect a minimal amount of information in order to improve our services, or to provide opt-in marketing and notifications. Wherever possible, we avoid integrating service providers that overly tack users, and our ethos on the subject of tracking and privacy is described below.

What data do we feel we need?

We store your email address during accont creation from the provider you used to sign up. All other data we have is data you generated using our site.

What can you do about the data we collect?

It’s your data, and you are in your right to request the data we collect and request that it be deleted. Biblish will abide by your request to see, delete, or update your data. You can email us at

Who are our third party service providers and what do we share with them?

We rely on a few third party providers in order to build our products. We may need to share some data with these providers, but only where necessary. Here’s what we use and what we share.

  • Resend is our emailing service. When we send you an email it goes through their services, so they will have access to your email.

Is that all?

Well, yes, it’s pretty simply, although we are not sure where Biblish will take us. This policy may be updated from time to time in order to reflect changes in our needs and operations, but we will keep our user’s privacy in mind at every step of the way.