Biblish is building a home for literature in the 21st century.

The art and practice of literature has not become less meaningful despite the introduction of computers into our day-to-day life. We are a team of writers and developers who, armed with that insight, are working to build a home for literature, and a place for it in your life.

Our mission

Our mission is to create tools that augment the process of reading, writing, publishing, and distributing literature.

We empower our partner publications with proven tools for growing a readership. Inspired by the philosophy of Kaizen, or continuous improvement, we are improving the relationship between publisher and writer.

We deliver tools for readers to derive more satisfaction and a sense of connection from their practice of reading. Great readers are our customers, and we strive to make our customers better readers. Don't worry about finding us, we'll find you! We bring great literature into the spaces where you want it most, and where you are most likely to have a profound moment with the books that find you.

Our values

This is what sets us apart from the publishing processes that have failed literature in the 21st century

Help Writers Do Their Best Work
We want to publish the work that matters. Whereas traditional publishers hope, and often hope in vain to find it, we hope to develop it.
Focus on the Reader
What is work that matters? Ask the reader! We have novel distribution methods that bring our publishers and the writers they publish much closer to the reader.
Community is King
Where Biblish goes, commucity follows. Great writers makes readers want to write, and Biblish is right there to help them do it.
No One Can Do It Alone
Grab your friends, start writing, start publishing, and see what Biblish can do for you.
Make it Pay
Writing is a tough career, but we are developing the means for the market to properly support writers, and we aim to make the writers' career more sustrainable at every step of the way by ensuring they get paid.
Your Community Wants You To Succeed
We have identified small business owners as the ideal partners for publishing. We allow publications to flourish where, previously, stocking them was too cumbersome.